Interesting Items

Henkel Harris Chippendale Cherry Dining Room Set

Submitted by Mike on October 12, 2018
Sale Price

I generally don't post furniture sales here as most pieces simply aren't exceptional. This set retailed around $12,000  in 1994 and ONLY because of the name brand AND condition was I able to get such a wonderful second hand price and it took MONTHS of waiting to get it. MOST old brown furniture simply doesn't hold value. 

Mid Century Modernist Anri Space Age Universum Wood Chess Set Arthur Elliott

Submitted by Mike on September 24, 2018
Sale Price

Having some basic knowledge as to what things are collectible coupled with Internet research can yield some great results. Knowing that old chess sets can be desirable, plus recognizing this heavily stylized pattern, and comping it based on the name brand told us that it was valuable. So instead of throwing it up for an eBay auction, we sat and waited for the right buyer to come along who recognized the value and paid a fair price.