Antique Coal Miners Cap Belt Lantern Oil Lamp Lot Mather Mine PA

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Sometimes, having a 'story' behind a given item not only makes it more salable but also increases it's value. Some pieces from this lot were used by a man who worked at the Mather mine in PA which exploded in 1928. He purportedly didn't feel well that day and stayed home from work while his father went in and was killed in the blast along with 194 other casulties. The person who bought this lot also had a family member who didn't go to work that fateful day either and was preserving the history through artifacts. We were even able to get a photo of the original owner which made the collector's day. From a collector's perspective, some of the pieces in this lot aren't really worth much but being able to tie them together with the story helped us to do our job of getting them sold.


Submitted by Mike on November 29, 2017

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