Flea Market Flip

A few people have asked how we did at the bi-annual Mt Airy flea market last week so I figured I would share the results. We sold about $3,400 worth of items and netted about $2000 after labor and consignor monies were paid. Not bad by any standard but the main reason I went was to get some exposure and meet some new people. It was an exhausting day and I worked from 4:30 am to 4:30 pm, not including time spent in preparation. I did get a few new consignment customers and a few shoppers to the store as well. What's amazing is the sheer number of people that attended this thing! I barely had time to wolf down a hot-dog! I would have liked to have done some picking, but no such luck. Most of the early customers were 'pickers' but we all know that those are the people who overvalue certain items because they watch too much TV. I find it amusing how much people will pay for things at flea markets and just how much cash is floating around. There is a TV show called 'Market Warriors' where they have teams that buy things at flea markets and then try to re-sell them at auction for profit. Sadly, they almost always loose money at the auction. The flea market vendors know their stuff and have things priced at retail - so it really is hard to find a 'steal'. I took a few specific items that I really wanted to sell and did. I took some things that I thought would sell but didn't. And we had some things that I didn't think would sell but did. So there you have it. It would be way too much work to do on a regular basis, but it is certainly fun a couple times a year. My strategy for the summer event is to bring high dollar items and be prepared to come way down and to take junk that I just want to get rid of for a few bucks.


Submitted by Mike on May 7, 2013

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