Let us handle your estate...

As a professional consignment store - we can manage the entire estate liquidation process for homes or businesses with salable inventory located in the Washington and Baltimore areas. I've commented before on the reasons you do don't want to do it yourself: You don't really know how to value things, you have too much emotional involvement to get it done, you are not local, you are rushed due to the need to sell the home or rent the property, and others. I can offer several options to you:

  • 1) I can inspect the contents - pick out the items that are worth consigning and help you determine what should be donated or perhaps sold at a yard sale.
  • 2) Finances permitting, I can purchase the entire contents minus the cost of labor and have the entire house cleaned out. In some cases, the cost of the labor might equal or exceed the value of the items in question.
  • 3) You can simply bring choice items to us over a period of time

On average, I do charge $100 for the initial inspection. I have the knowledge to valuate a wide range of items that is worth this small fee for my time. Individuals who do not charge for this service will not spend the time required to adequately determine what they are dealing with and often only offer a 'free consultation' as a way to get first crack at making you a low-ball offer for things. Since our preference is to offer consignment terms, we simply try to sell things for as much as we can as we have a vested interest percentage-wise. All items we take into our possession are electronically recorded and our customers can track the progress via our web portal. We have hundreds of references and trust will never be an issue.


Submitted by Mike on February 23, 2013

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