Military MK1 Missle Rocket Motor Ordinance

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As a consignment store in the Baltimore Washington area, we get it all from mundane to insane. One of the coolest things that has come in so far was this pair of "Military MK1 Missile Rocket Motor Ordinance".  My consignor's father brought them back from the Korean War. He had planned to make them into lamps - now that's what I call a cool re-purpose project! I was relieved to learn that these were actually inert pieces that had been used for practice drills. Still, they were genuine air to ground bombs, complete with guidance fins and everything. It was no surprised that eBay yanked them off and sent us a nasty letter telling us we were not qualified to sell them. I simply posted them on Craigslist and took my first best offer of $200. I would have held out for more, but the owner was in a hurry to get them sold.



Submitted by Mike on September 10, 2012

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