Packing & Shipping

As a consignment store, a good portion of the value we offer in selling things is packing and shipping them to the whole world. You can't imagine how much work this is or how much grief we get from buyers over the cost of shipping. Some big volume sellers offer to ship items for free - but since we are working for only a percentage of the sale, we can not afford to do this. In most cases, we sell expensive items in an auction format starting at a mere $10 opening bid and let it go to the highest bidder. The irony is that people leave comments regarding our service such as "Got a great deal but the shipping was too high". People like this simply fail to take the total cost of ownership into consideration and comments like this are just plain silly, but sadly - they make other silly people think that we are doing something wrong. Most buyers have no clue what the actual cost of postage is, nor do they realize that the rates go up almost every year. If a person lives several thousand miles from us, it's not cheap! While we do add a couple dollars to the 'handling', I can assure you that this barely offsets the hundreds of dollars we spend each month on things like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Not to mention my payroll! So in summary - give us a break. If the shipping - which is clearly quoted in every listing looks to high - don't bid!


Submitted by Mike on November 21, 2013

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