Pair Gothic Revival Medieval Knight Wall Sconce Lamps

Pair Gothic Revival Medieval Knight Wall Sconce Lamps
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We use and appreciate your clean leftover boxes and packaging materials as we ship things all over the world everyday. You can hear how happy most of our customers are when we sell them the vintage treasures we find in YOUR basement or attic. This customer wrote: Greetings!! 

I just have to tell you this, I got home last evening and seen i had a tv delivered to my house, and of course, not thinking it might be a repackaged box, opened it up all the while saying, I didn't order a new tv, reread the label...continued to open it, and there the (lamps) were lol WOW!! I just love them!! And what a awesome packaging job!!! Everything arrived perfect, thank you again so MUCH! I left you great feedback, but still wanted to personally thank you for everything you did for me!!! Hope to be a repeat buyer in the future!! Have a great day,and thanks again for making mine!! Your friend William


Submitted by Mike on February 27, 2020

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