Reverse Retail

While most of our consignment customers are satisfied with the results we deliver, some confide in me that they really thought a given item would be worth more. I am no economist, but I can tell you that consumer spending is way down. Even in the Washington / Baltimore metropolitan area where unemployment isn't that bad, people are loosing their homes and businesses are closing every month. The good news is that when times are tough, most people have things that they are not using which they can sell. If the price is right, there will always be a buyer. What's interesting is that about twenty percent of everything we sell on eBay goes to another country, so rest assured there are plenty of buyers for your items at ay given time. Studies show that the average middle class home has over $2000 worth of items just lying around collecting dust. Every week I do house-calls and prove this to be true. So if you don't know what you have, pay us the $99 and let me spend a few hours looking around. You might just be amazed at what I find!


Submitted by Mike on September 12, 2012

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