Shipping Shenanigans

One of the biggest reasons private parties are reluctant to sell their own items on eBay is because of the packing and shipping aspect of making the sale. How much do you charge? Where do you get boxes? When will you have time to go to the post office or how do you use UPS or FedEx? How do you insure items and what happens if something breaks in transit? Obviously as an eBay drop off store, these are things we already have figured out and the answers to all these questions could comprise an entire college thesis. As if all these details were not enough to worry about, did you know that eBay and their merchant payment system 'Paypal' charge sellers a portion of the money specifically collected just for the shipping? So if you sold an item and collected $10 to ship said item, eBay and Paypal are keeping nearly $1 of that money for their role in the transaction. So if the actual shipping was in fact $10, you would be loosing almost a dollar from the sale.

Years ago, some aggressive sellers would 'pad' the shipping to include an extra profit which was not clearly disclosed to buyers until the sale was made. Buyers complained and eBay responded by changing some of the protocol. While it is allowable to charge handling on an item, eBay created some safeguards and incentives to offer low or even free shipping to buyers. But in this initiative, eBay got greedy and instead of raising fees like they wanted to, they came up with this clever idea to simply start getting a piece of the shipping action. The seller community is of course infuriated by this sub-charge, but that is a topic for an entire Blog post by itself. In summary, if you sold 100 items a month on eBay - each costing $10 to ship - you would in essence be loosing $100 from your net profit! When you hire a professional trading assistant like us, these are details you need never worry about.


Submitted by Mike on September 9, 2012

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