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Speaking of a one hundred plus year old chestnut dresser we have posted on Craigslist for a mere $450 - I got this offer via email:

Hello, i really like your dresser. I've just moved to DC and don't have a
lot of money to buy furniture and no way to pick it up. So, wondering if
there is anyway you'd accept $200 cash and deliver it. I'm close to MD at
48th Street NW, near Western and River Rd. Please let me know if you'd
consider. thank you! --cathrin

In a previous posting, I commented on how brassy people can be and why selling things on your own is so hard. Now you have my proof. Many people will not only offer you less than half of what you are asking, but they want you to deliver it for free on top of it! My driver would charge me $100 or more to take this piece downtown - so she is basically offering me less than $100 for a piece that is already fairly priced. Think of me like a real estate agent. I do all the work up front and don't get paid till your item is sold. And while it may seem like taking a third or even half of the sale price is a lot, it's really not when you consider all the people I had to deal with who didn't buy your item. Back to this Cathrin person, had she said something like "Hey, I'll pay your asking price IF you can deliver it to me." - then I would have taken the offer seriously. As it stands, it's just another five minutes of my day for which I earn nothing. It's all part of the job - so let me be your front man and you can spend those same five minutes that I lost however you like :)



Submitted by Mike on April 23, 2013

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