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For those who find our business model interesting, I just wanted to share a few words regarding our dilemma on space. As a consignment store and eBay seller here in the Washington Baltimore area, we are always busy, but today I lost a customer because I simply did not have enough space to handle everything from the estate that needed to be liquidated. Family members from out of state contacted me to deliver an entire household of items from a deceased relative who lived here in Maryland. I agreed to take as much as I could with the caveat being that I could only handle a few pieces of the furniture items. Upon hearing that I could not take everything, the executor contacted another party to sell off just the large pieces. As it turned out, the other party agreed to take the furniture only if the owner would sell them everything... for a lousy $1,500. When I spoke with this person, I gaged the inventory to be easily worth $10,000 or more. So with my service, the customer would have probably cleared 5-6k - but he had to settle for much less due to the circumstances. I feel terrible for this person who is already dealing with the stress of emptying a house and the sorrow of a dead brother. In hindsight, I should have simply made arrangements to take everything - but what's done is done. I would like to take everything from everyone, but at the end of the day - I just can't. So the lesson learned here is that next time I find myself in this position I should probably just rent a storage unit. ; /


Submitted by Mike on September 1, 2013

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