Stiffel Milk Glass Floor Lamp Shade

Stiffel Milk Glass Floor Lamp Shade
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Today an older woman visited our store and wanted to buy just the glass shade from a lamp we had. The lamp wouldn't have been much good to us without the shade so I instead asked her if she had looked on eBay. She said she didn't have a computer so I offered to find one for her. After just a few minutes of searching, we found the exact one she needed and ordered it on the spot. We specialize in finding items a good home - even if it's not something we're personally selling! When we manage, purchase, or barter for an estate, every single thing we find that someone might want gets a chance to have a new life. If you have too much stuff, we can probably shed some light on where it all should go :)


Submitted by Mike on April 20, 2018

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