Time for spring cleaning!

Time for spring cleaning! If you or someone you know is planning a major downsizing or organization project, or maybe you're getting ready to move - allow us to help. We know that when it comes to dealing with your own stuff or perhaps things left behind by a loved one - it's hard to make logical decisions to get things done. Our staff can take orders or even 'boss you around' as needed. We will sort your items, sell things of value, and even pack and box things for moving or donation. And since we know what has value, you don't have to worry about throwing things out as we'll be the judge of that! So if you just don't know where to start or maybe you're a bit older and don't move as fast as you used to - give us a call to get the ball rolling. With rates starting at $15/hr, you can't afford not to!


Submitted by Mike on March 12, 2015

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