Hitchcock Co Vintage Maple Half Moon Parlor Foyer Console Table Stand

Submitted by Mike on January 22, 2019
Sale Price

This little table was probably $900 new, so you'd think selling it second hand for $275 would be no problem. But let me just say that the ONLY reason I was able to get it sold for even that much is that the legs came off and I was able to ship it in a box to someone who wanted it half-way across the country. In our store, people would expect to pay $100 or less for a little piece like this. 

Bandai 8" MSIA Mobile Suit Arch Enemy Gundam Tallgeese III 2002

Submitted by Mike on January 18, 2019
Sale Price

This figure was probably about $10 new and 2002 wasn't that long ago but toys are always in demand. Someone who was a kid then and is now an adult (with a job and money) may be looking to reclaim childhood memories - and the value is even greater if said toy has never been taken out of the box!. 

12 New With Tag "Hairy" Spider Beanie Babies TY

Submitted by Mike on January 5, 2019
Sale Price

Every week someone asks me if Beanies have any value. At one point people were paying a fortune for 'rare' ones but let me just say that that craze is over and for the most part they are worth nothing - just donate them. We actually got a storage unit with a bunch of new dealer bags full of them and this was one of the only lots we even sold.