2001 Nintendo Gamecube Super Smash Bros Melee Game

Submitted by Mike on January 2, 2019
Sale Price

My son got a new game system for Christmas so we went to trade our old system and games in for a store credit. The clerk pointed out to me that this game was of special value and I'd be much better off trying to sell it on eBay. Sure enough I sold it in a day for ten times the trade value. Of all people you would think I would know enough to check my own stuff. Sometimes the work to make that extra money isn't worth the effort and that's why we're here to help. 

Antique Art Deco 5 Petal Slip Shade Slag Glass Ceiling Fixture Light

Submitted by Mike on October 27, 2018
Sale Price

Such a killer piece. We had initially found the petal shades at a customer house but the fixture was buried among hundreds of boxes which we didn't have time to look through. The owner promised to bring it in when found but I had very little hope she actually would. Months later she did and we made a nice sale! Funny thing is I saw an identical lamp sell for $375 and was tempted to put mine up at the same price but my instinct told me to 'let it auction' and I was pleasantly surprised!