Antique Ancient Relief Wood Temple Carving Hindu Lakshmi Vishnu Shiva

Submitted by Mike on May 8, 2019
Sale Price

This was an impressive piece - legitimately old and in respectable condition for the age. While I know enough to be dangerous, I'm not a curator and could only offer the public limited information about it. For all I know, this could have been a thousand years old and sold for a million dollars at Christies if properly documented.... probably not, but I'm just stating that eBay is not the place to sell some types of items and after running it through auction a few time, a whopping $100 was my only offer. 

Antique Spice Tin Can Elk Manufacturing Tenn Mohican Company NY

Submitted by Mike on April 22, 2019
Sale Price

Sometimes we get large collections of assorted items and my general preference is to 'cherry pick' the best pieces for individual sale and group lot those of lesser value. Collectors usually just want to buy one or two specific items at a time and someone even asked me to sell just one of this pair. 

Mid Century Modern Brutalism Brutalist Teak Wood Wall Hanging Plaque Panel

Submitted by Mike on April 22, 2019
Sale Price

Some items just have 'that look' to them and since one of a kind art can be hard to price, we just have to go with our instinct and find a balance between 'top dollar' and making a quick sale as we can't sit on things forever. Knowing buzz words to describe things like 'Brutalist' certainly helps.

Sterling Silver Turquoise Inlay Taxco Mexico Necklace

Submitted by Mike on April 8, 2019
Sale Price

Everyone knows jewelry has value but what pieces and styles actually sell requires experience. For example, if this had been gold, I would have simply scrapped it as no one wants to pay todays gold prices. Being a Native style with a name brand that has a following, I was able to get top dollar for what was under $50 in silver.