Vintage Oak Premiere Ten Cent Gum and Trading Card Vending Machine SOLD:

Submitted by Mike on June 23, 2014
Sale Price

A guy that works at a place next to us brought this in one day. He knew it was worth about $250 but he insisted that we outright buy it from him for just $100. Our primary business is consignment and not straight purchasing but we went ahead and did him this favor since we knew it would sell for at least twice that. As it turns out, he did us a favor as he would have claimed about $150 had he waited just a couple weeks.

Rare Lego City 10185 Green Grocer SOLD:

Submitted by Mike on June 23, 2014
Sale Price

Again, my mind is blown with another record breaking Lego sale. For once, an inconvenience became a blessing with this item: We sold it on eBay the week prior for $650 but for whatever reason, the winning bidder did not pay. The second time around someone from Australia jacked up the price! It pays to ship all over the world, but doing so can be a pain if you don't know how to do it.


Alpa Reflex Kinoptik Apochromat Lens F/2 100mm 40965 SOLD:

Submitted by Mike on May 29, 2014
Sale Price

Sometimes we get our mind blown by the prices vintage camera gear sells for. What's funny is there was someone else selling this same lens at the same time we were for $3500. But they were not willing to ship it to another country - ours went to Hong Kong. Using a professional consignment store pays for itself as we know the correct strategy to get you the most for your items.


We love to write consignment checks...

Submitted by Mike on May 28, 2014

I know of at least a few local auctioneers and consignment stores where paying customers for their sold items seems to be low on their priority list. Just the other day, I spoke with a local auction house we deal with and I learned that I was still owed money from items that were sold last year! Who gets away with doing business like that? The problem is, many of these establishments have cash-flow problems and make it a regular habit of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Don't get me wrong, we face the same issue and on rare occasion will do the same when an unusual situation arises.

Going the extra mile

Submitted by Mike on May 28, 2014

Sometimes customers bring us items that are in disrepair and need some 'TLC' prior to sale. As a consignment store, we are committed to earning the maximum value for your items and will often invest the time to clean or even repair things given to us. In some cases, we may assess a fee for doing so but only if we feel our effort will offset this cost in the end sale price. Many consignment stores will not even take your items unless they are ready for sale - so this is just one more way we go the extra mile to earn your business!

NIB Nikon F2AS Photomic 35mm SLR Film Camera SOLD

Submitted by Mike on May 12, 2014
Sale Price

This high end camera was found new in the box - never opened since the 1970's. My consignor was going to sell it to a dealer who offered him $700 but we convinced him that we could do better and his net payout was about twice that. Vintage items in perfect condition always carry a premium price! Trust us to get the maximum value for your items.



Submitted by Mike on April 30, 2014
Sale Price

While the vinyl record craze has mostly died down - there are still such items that serious collectors will go nuts over. I've said it before - anything Beatles will always sell. This set was pre Michael Jackson and was limited to like 20k copies. My consignor (I love this guy) bought all kinds of nice things like this and never even used them or took them out of the box!


Antique Schoenhut 16" Wood Character Spring Jointed Doll c1911 SOLD:

Submitted by Mike on April 29, 2014
Sale Price

I generally don't find many old dolls that are worth much - but I hadn't previously seen a wood doll like this before. Doing some research, I found some people asking a couple thousand dollars for similar pieces. Asking and getting are obviously not the same and the auction showed what it was really worth.