1866 Civil War Era Antique Captains English Telescope Spy Glass

Submitted by Mike on March 18, 2019
Sale Price

This was an amazing piece that came with ownership history. It was a gift from the Queen of England to a US captain who lended aid to a British ship in distress in 1866. Not only was the end-cap engraved but it also had the original letter of recognition and even a family tree of the individual. This should be in a museum and I assume the buyer will treasure it as such. I suspect it could have sold for more had we fished for a bit, but the opening bid of $1,000 was certainly fair.

Antique Chinese Brass Peacock Pot Kettle Coin Bank Trinket Lock Box

Submitted by Mike on March 11, 2019
Sale Price

I can't believe someone bought this. In fact, the buyer emailed me right after and said "Curious piece, I can't believe I bought it, it just caught my eye. Thank u.' Seriously viewers, this not something I want to try to consign and I wouldn't have paid $5 for it if someone brought it into the store. But, we found it on a clean-out job and made the effort to find it a good home and made a little money. What you don't see is all the things we list like this that never sell ....

Sterling Emma C. Berry Sailing Schooner Model Ship RC Kit

Submitted by Mike on February 19, 2019
Sale Price

Specialty hobby and crafting items that were made in limited quantities can be in big demand and finding a model kit like this that was never built can be a premium piece to enthusiasts. In fact, we can sometimes get a higher price than our research tools indicate simply because items like this just don't come up for sale too often. 

Hitchcock Co Vintage Maple Half Moon Parlor Foyer Console Table Stand

Submitted by Mike on January 22, 2019
Sale Price

This little table was probably $900 new, so you'd think selling it second hand for $275 would be no problem. But let me just say that the ONLY reason I was able to get it sold for even that much is that the legs came off and I was able to ship it in a box to someone who wanted it half-way across the country. In our store, people would expect to pay $100 or less for a little piece like this. 

Bandai 8" MSIA Mobile Suit Arch Enemy Gundam Tallgeese III 2002

Submitted by Mike on January 18, 2019
Sale Price

This figure was probably about $10 new and 2002 wasn't that long ago but toys are always in demand. Someone who was a kid then and is now an adult (with a job and money) may be looking to reclaim childhood memories - and the value is even greater if said toy has never been taken out of the box!.