12 New With Tag "Hairy" Spider Beanie Babies TY

Submitted by Mike on January 5, 2019
Sale Price

Every week someone asks me if Beanies have any value. At one point people were paying a fortune for 'rare' ones but let me just say that that craze is over and for the most part they are worth nothing - just donate them. We actually got a storage unit with a bunch of new dealer bags full of them and this was one of the only lots we even sold.

2001 Nintendo Gamecube Super Smash Bros Melee Game

Submitted by Mike on January 2, 2019
Sale Price

My son got a new game system for Christmas so we went to trade our old system and games in for a store credit. The clerk pointed out to me that this game was of special value and I'd be much better off trying to sell it on eBay. Sure enough I sold it in a day for ten times the trade value. Of all people you would think I would know enough to check my own stuff. Sometimes the work to make that extra money isn't worth the effort and that's why we're here to help.