Antique French Daum Nancy Cameo Lilly Art Glass Bowl

Submitted by Mike on March 2, 2018
Sale Price

We've learned that MOST makes of art glass have gone way down in value over recent years. Occasionally we still find a gem but condition is everything. This piece had a small chip which in unacceptable for a serious collector. Considering the damage, we still got a fair price for it but as a professional seller, handling items with condition issues usually isn't very rewarding.

Philadelphia Eagles NFL Embroidered Patch

Submitted by Mike on February 24, 2018
Sale Price

When selling things, timing can be everything. Posting a $10 item on eBay is hardly worth the effort but we just happen to have a box of these patches and capitalized on them. Trends and pop culture contribute heavily to what things are worth and something that is valuable today may be worthless tomorrow. If you have a collection of things that you suspect may be going stale, give us a call and see what we know!

Charity Networking Event 3/16/18 6-9pm

Submitted by Mike on February 9, 2018

After five years of serving the community, we at Curiosity Consignment wanted to have a celebration but we realized that we needed something to celebrate that was above and beyond simply being in business. This is why we have partnered with Nathan’s Ridge to support those on the road to recovery right in our very own neighborhood. Join us at the store (9870 Main St Damascus MD) for a night of networking with this worthy cause to bring us together! Live music by G.M. Trio (featuring cover songs from The Beatles) – Catering by Smokehill BBQ - Door Prizes - and more.

337 Original 1966 Batman TV Show Trading Cards

Submitted by Mike on February 8, 2018
Sale Price

We know that old comic books and toys have value but pretty much anything vintage super-hero related is also in demand. Sometimes things that are less obvious and somewhat obscure can be the best sellers. These cards came from a storage unit we bought and had been sitting on our shelf for months as none of us really thought to take a closer look until last week. Do you have $800 lying around?

Wedgwood Black Cameo Japsperware Hercules in the Garden of the Hesperides

Submitted by Mike on January 25, 2018
Sale Price

When I initially researched this piece, I learned that it could have been worth as much as $1700! After more than 6 months of 'fishing' for a high price, I finally realized that while one may have previously sold for that amount, mine just wasn't going to fetch that much and I had to cut bait and take what I could get at auction on eBay. Sometimes our customers bring us nice items which they are convinced are worth a certain amount but at the end of the day, we need to be realistic about selling something for whatever it will bring in a timely manner.

Ancient Archaic Roman Terracotta Oil Lamp Lot

Submitted by Mike on January 8, 2018
Sale Price

Not all old things have value. These oil lamps were probably made when Jesus walked the Earth but they are fairly common if you look for them. Plain ones like this have a fairly low value but some that have more detail can sell for big bucks. Things this old should really be in a museum and it's not often we find things that are really 2000 years old so it was fun to see them....

Detecto Mid Century Clothes Hamper Gold Hollywood Regency

Submitted by Mike on December 29, 2017
Sale Price

Yes, a clothing hamper. When I found it digging around on a housecall last week the owner said in disbeliefe 'You really want that?' He gave it to me for free and in less than one week it sold on eBay for $40. The buyer also paid another $40 in shipping so the real value was $80 to him or her. People don't generally save stuff like this for 50 years so it's easier to sell than you might think as there are many folks trying to recreate the perfect mid century look. 

Kutani Imari Japanese Maneki Neko Good Luck Calico Cat Figure

Submitted by Mike on December 15, 2017
Sale Price

This little guy didn't have any markings but by knowing descriptive buzzwords such as 'Imari' we were able to find comps and got a nice price for what might otherwise appear to be just another mundane figurine. One customer had a whole house full of cat figures, most of which were nothing special. Having the eye to recognize unusual pieces is what sets us apart from other auction services.

Marvel The Fantastic Four 6 15 27 ca 1962

Submitted by Mike on December 15, 2017
Sale Price

Things like old comics can have serious value but condition is everything. Comics and other types of things can be professionally graded on their conditiion - which costs money and takes time to mail them off. Sometimes we get things that could be worth even more if we had them appraised by a third party but since our consignors don't always want to invest money in things they're getting rid of, we just have to carefully show buyers what we have and take our chances.

Junk Drawer Lot Coins Knives Keys Silver Gold Toys Watches Lighters Jewelry

Submitted by Mike on December 11, 2017
Sale Price

I was recently turned on to the strategy of 'junk drawer' lots on eBay. Dealers looking for smalls and hoarders alike will pay up for a bunch of random vintage stuff. In this case, I tried to make an appealing group of things but for only $65 I don't think I'll be doing it again anytime soon. Believe it or not, there was a good $300 or more worth of items here if sold individually. The problem with selling unmatched groups of anything is that it lowers the per-piece price and most importantly, it is too hard to market to specific collectors.