Dept 56 Baltimore Arts Tower & Ed Sullivan Theater: SOLD

Submitted by Mike on March 3, 2014
Sale Price

Many items that are made to be 'collected' are mass produced in China and don't hold much value. While we do handle some of these types of collectibles, we often will group them for sale in pairs on eBay to create an attractive auction worth fighting for. We find that only the largest Dept 56 pieces are even worth selling.


1982 Rolex OysterQuartz Presidential Day Date Chronometer: SOLD

Submitted by Mike on February 24, 2014
Sale Price

While any 18k gold watch is certainly worth a lot of money, a recognized name like Rolex makes it worth much more. We were actually hoping for a better price on this piece but the whole world had a chance to fight over it and the final price was about the most we were going to get. Keep in mind that high-end items have high markups and just because something costs - say $12,000 new - doesn't mean it is really worth it. As a reputable consignment broker - we had the credibility needed to sell this on eBay without buyers wondering about the authenticity.


BOWERS & WILKINS B&W Theater Speakers 802D SCMS ASW855 HTM2 SOLD:

Submitted by Mike on February 24, 2014
Sale Price

On the one hand, technology items and electronics depreciate faster than a new car. But on the other hand, any high-end name brand item holds value longer than a lesser item. The retail price on these speakers was about $25,000 in 2006 - so being able to recoup nearly 50% in 2014 was noteworthy. We actually did the consignment customer a favor by selling them as a group as opposed to parting them out and this saved him quite a bit of money in commissions.


What Do We Take~

Submitted by Mike on January 27, 2014


Antique & Quality Furniture * Vintage Lamps & Lighting * Fine Rugs/Textiles * Fine Art & Sculptures *

Decorative Figurines * Studio Glass & Pottery ***Jewelry~Costume & Fine *

Advertising Signs * Automotive Collectibles * Model Trains, Planes & Cars * Vintage Toys & Games *

Coins & Stamps *Military Memorabilia * Musical Instruments * Movie/Sports Memorabilia *

Antique Chinese Ivory Guan Yin Bodhisattva fertility Goddess Qianlong Dynasty: SOLD

Submitted by Mike on January 9, 2014
Sale Price

As an experienced consignment broker, we can handle most any items of value. When this small collection of Asian ivory was brought to us, we knew we had to give thought to how it was sold. For Asian ivory, the law mandates that we could only legally sell it to someone in the same state as the owner (Maryland). While some people do sneak ivory on eBay the practice of using the word 'faux' is deceptive and we did not want any potential buyers to be mislead into undervaluing the pieces we had. Working together with an ivory expert, we had these pieces appraised.

Oceanaut Baltica Watch Mens 52mm Chronograph SOLD:

Submitted by Mike on November 25, 2013
Sale Price

I felt really bad for the owner of this piece since it sold for such a low price. This watch was about $1,000 new - but the various reviews around the internet stated that it was a cheap over-priced model made in China and didn't even keep good time. Even second-hand shoppers are savvy - in this day and age more than ever. If you're going to buy nice things - go with long time name brands and not some upstart 'high end' company.