eBay Consignment Program

Whether you have just a few things or an entire house full of items for sale, you should consider using our consignment and eBay drop off store services. Conveniently located in Montgomery County in Damascus Maryland - we are one of just a few registered eBay trading assistants in all of MD. The turn-around is quick and our software keeps track of everything for everyone to see, so you never need to worry about what's going on.

If you've ever tried to sell anything on eBay or Craigslist yourself, you know what a chore it can be. Think of it like changing the oil in your car; anyone can do it but it can be a mess. Nowadays, eBay is heavily regulated and it requires more than just an hour or so to figure out how to do things the right way. As an experienced Internet auction house, we are eBay experts and probably know some things that you don't. If you want to know more about some of our strategies, check out some of our posts in Variable Values.

As an experienced eBay seller, we will professionally photograph your item(s), perform some research as needed, post well written and impartial descriptions, handle email correspondence, collect the payment from the winning bidder, and pack and ship the item. You will get a check in the mail, usually less than 30 days after dropping your items off. Click HERE to see what we have listed on eBay right now.

We do all this for a commission of 35% of the winning bid.* After the transaction fees and our commission have been deducted, you will net about 55% of the final sale price. The lifecycle is only a few weeks and the results are sure to be much better than a pawn or traditional consignment shop. In addition, with our reputation, credibility, and presentation, we generally notice at least a 20% higher auction sale price as compared to what a small private seller might get. Don't think of it like you're losing money, but rather that you're hiring someone at no cost upfront to do something better than you can!

  • Minimum Commission of $15 per each item
  • Commissions are calculate for each item
  • Commissions are collected from the gross sale price
  • Transaction fees are deducted from the seller's check
  • $50 - 1,000 = 35%
  • $1,001 - 5000 = 35/25%
  • $5,001 - 10,000+ = 35/25/15 %
  • Related eBay and Paypal transaction fees are deducted in addition to our commission (about 12% of the gross sale, depending on sale price).


If an item sells for $2,000, Curiosity Consignment would collect a $600 commission;  35% of the first $1,000 ($350) and 25% of the next $1,000 ($250).  After the transaction fees have been paid, you would net about $1,200. Keep in mind that you would of course be paying the transaction fees even if you sold said item yourself. Again, our presentation of your item and our credibility almost always yields a higher bid price than you would get on your own which offsets our commission.

We also take fine furniture and antiques to be sold here in the showroom. All pieces will be advertised on websites like Craigslist every week and we do not rely solely on walk-in shoppers. Furniture must be good quality with very little wear. Upholstered items must be totally spotless with no odors. We do not take particle board items.

    •You bring it to us, we keep 50% plus any transaction fees

    •Showroom items must have a minimum expected value of $200

    •You may make suggestions, but ultimately we set the sale price

    •We will ask you to pick up items not sold within sixty (60) days or we can donate them

Please note we are not in the business of buying your things but in some cases, where it makes sense for everyone, we may make a cash offer on estates, lots of items, or quality furniture. We will try to sell anything that has a perceived value of $50 or more ($200 or more for furniture items for the showroom).

Our store is open from 10-6 Tue-Fri, Sat 10-4, Sun 12-4. We are closed Monday. (NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED BUT CALL IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF STUFF OR REQUIRE EXTRA ATTENTION). For a small fee, we do offer pickup services and house calls. We find that most of our estate customers need our trained eyes in identifying what is valuable and what is junk. For an additional charge, we are available to spend time opening old boxes and such with you, which is just another added service to reduce your stress level. When dealing with lots or estates, some customers will simply leave boxes with us at the store to sort out at our earliest convenience. If you have questions about the potential value of certain lots or items, please call us at 240-207-3783.


One of many horror stories we could share goes like this: We sold a nice piece of jewelry for about $500 and shipped it to the winning buyer in Italy After about a month, the customer emailed us saying the item had not yet arrived. The tracking information showed it had been 'refused' and when we called the post office customs department, they said the item was being returned to us. At this point, we had already paid our consignor, so now it was our problem. We essentially had to give the buyer a refund and hope that the item returned to us. After two months, we filed an insurance claim, only to find out that jewelry was NOT covered. Five months later, by the grace of God the item found it's way back to us and we were able to re-sell it for close to what it sold for the first time. It could just as easily have been lost or stolen, so we were lucky in this case but in other instances things have gone worse. In summary, all the aggravation in dealing with this was our problem and our consignor got paid and was never bothered with the problem. We cover Damascus, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Silver Spring, Colesville, Rockville, Potomac, Bethesda, Great Falls, Darnstown, Montgomery Village, Wheaton, Frederick, Hagerstown, Mount Airy, Baltimore and most of Maryland.