What we take

Some things that we take: identifiable antiques, fine art, fine jewelry, fine art glass & pottery, musical instruments, modern or vintage electronics, collectibles such as figurines, coins, tools, computer related items, high-end, vintage or antique toys and games, history related items, name brand leather goods, music film and sports memorabilia, military related items, model trains, high end hobby and crafting items, business & industrial equipment… almost anything with a perceived value of more than $50.  As a consignment store that handles furniture, read this post here to get an idea as to what we will take. Furniture pieces must have a perceived value of over $200. Scroll down for a directory of hundreds of items that we have handled over the past few years and what the sold prices were.

Give us good stuff and we will get you great results. Throw the trash in the trash and donate your knickknacks, used clothing, kids toys, and low-end housewares to charity.


Interesting Items

Antique Spalding Brown Dimple Golf Ball

Sold Price: 

Most collectors are not spending big money on premium pieces but everyone has a budget for low to moderate value items which are our bread and butter as these are the things that we usually get for next to nothing on our treasure hunts. Our senior associate Gerardo actually noticed this on our last pick and it sold in just a day or two whereas I would have left it for the dump. Making $40 appear out of thin air is what keeps us in the green!


Voluta Amphora Barter Sea Shells

Sold Price: 

For thousands of years, people have been collecting shells so it's no surprise they have a following. We're currently sorting a massive collection and have learned that size, color, and knowing where it was found determines the value. I'm glad to finally post something that wasn't man made that had value! Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork.