What's It Worth?

For five years, we’ve learned what has value and what doesn’t. We want to get you the most money we can for your best items and likewise, we want to be honest with you when our experience tells us something has no value.

If you have one hundred items for sale, you will quickly learn that you may have to deal with as many or more people in order to get everything sold. For that matter, even trying to give things away for free is work and some things you can’t even give away! I learned this the hard way. When my Father passed away, I had a whole house full of stuff to get rid of prior to listing our family home on the market and I had no idea where to begin. A local auctioneer told me that I could pack everything up and haul it in to their facility or for a hefty fee, they would come get it but even then, the results they expected just weren’t very promising. I decided to make it my part-time job to find everything a good home and after months of sweat and tears, I wouldn’t wish that ordeal on anyone. This is why I started Curiosity Consignment, and as a second hand personal property dealer, my staff and I make it our jobs to liquidate a lifetimes worth of possessions, selling one item to one person at a time.

Many types of collectibles and antiques have become worth much less due to the generational divide. Generation 'X' does not want heirloom furniture or fancy China sets! I know you think your children want your stuff and you tell yourself that is why you are saving it but they don't! Many of our clients are seniors who need a helping hand to sort and pack things up and we’re happy to provide that assistance. While some items no longer have the value they used to, other things may be worth more than you think. Don’t spend hours researching a whole house full of stuff when all you have to do is give us a call. Some things that we take: identifiable antiques, fine art, fine jewelry, fine art glass & pottery, musical instruments, modern or vintage electronics, collectibles such as figurines, coins, tools, computer related items, high-end, vintage or antique toys and games, history related items, name brand leather goods, music film and sports memorabilia, military related items, model trains, high end hobby and crafting items, business & industrial equipment… almost anything with a perceived value of more than $50. Scroll down for a directory of hundreds of items that we have handled over the past few years and what the sold prices were. Give us good stuff and we will get you great results. We offer formal and informal estate appraisals so if you have a whole house full of things to sort, let us help you sort the trash from the treasure!

Interesting Items

Leon Zanella Original Signed Oil Painting Venice

Submitted by Mike on September 10, 2012
Sale Price

Original pieces by a 'listed artist' can have impressive value. Sadly, most artists are unknown until after their death. We were asking $1200 for this "Leon Zanella Original Signed Oil Painting Venice" but after several months with no interest, we took the first best offer of $335. We find that the most desirable types of art will be depictions of famous places, people, and objects or at least have a genre such as 'abstract' or 'nude'. Those types of works give us something to help market them. A generic landscape scene is worth almost nothing.

90 Pc Stieff Rose Sterling Silver Flatware Set

Submitted by Mike on September 10, 2012
Sale Price

Precious metals are at an all time high in value and scrappers are always looking for bargains. This "Antique 90 Pc Stieff Rose Sterling Silver Flatware Set" had a gross weight of about 10 pounds, which had a melt value of around $2100. But we knew that the collectors would value this set for it's beauty and craftsmanship, which is why it sold for $3551 - almost a $1,500 more than scrap value! Since our commission is 33% of the first thousand and only 20% thereafter - our consignor still netted more than she would have going directly to a metal dealer and was very pleased.

Vintage Kodak Medalist Camera Lot

Submitted by Mike on September 10, 2012
Sale Price

Old film cameras are not only collected, but still actively used by professionals and students alike all over the world. And thanks to eBay, this "Vintage Kodak Medalist Camera Lot" sold for $480 to a buyer in China. The guy actually tried to give me a hard time about some damage that we accidentally overlooked to one of them, so I simply told him he could pay the return shipping (about $100) and send them back if he had a problem and he quickly went away. Some eBayers can be a pain, but we try to handle every situation with patience and genuine consideration.